Update on Touch My Henshin

If you haven’t noticed the lack of TMH issues lately, that’s because I’m fresh out of inspiration. I’ve talked with Blue and a friend about the series and we kicked around ideas, but nothing jumped out at me. So, for the time being, I’m putting the series on the back burner. I don’t want to just crank out crap issues. As inspiration hits, I will definitely make more, but it won’t be a monthly thing. If you have any ideas, please, by all means, send them to me via the contact page or on any of my social media. You will get full credit for the idea.

Who’s ready for Spring Break!

Spring break officially starts in the Redden house today at 12:26 pm PST. What does that mean (besides six and a half days worth of “Mooooooom, I’m booooooored” from my monsters)? Well, Life As Rendered is taking a little break. We will be back to our regular posting schedule on April 4th. This break coincides with a break from all the drama with Winnie and when we come back, I will have fresh, juicy, new dramas for you.

Now, what will I be doing with this little break? I will be frantically working on the upcoming side story. I’m sure that made no sense to a rational mind. Let me explain. For the past month, I’ve been super stressed out because my doctor, pharmacy and I have been fighting my insurance to get them to cover one of my prescriptions. Because I’m stressing about that, I’m stressing about everything! This includes the comic and despite being three months ahead of you guys, I feel like I’m running out of time between the current page and the end of my scheduled pages. I just can’t get my brain to understand the time gap between them. So, I’m giving myself a little breather. I’m taking the nine and a half days of spring break to hammer out nine remaining pages of the side story so I can tell my brain to STFU. I will still be posting warm-ups every day and maybe a spoiler or two for my patrons. (o.~)

With that explained, I have a few other scheduled breaks coming up that I’ll go ahead and tell you about. On June 2nd, I will be attending the Reason Rally 2016 in Washington DC with my sister-in-law and I won’t be able to post the comic while I’m gone. While I schedule posts in advance on the website, but I can’t on several of my social media sites and it’s not fair that they would have to wait. Same goes for August 11th-16th, when Blue and I will be attending Power Morphicon 5. I will post reminders about this before I leave.

In addition to the breaks for my upcoming trips, I’m gonna start adding little breaks between the end of acts and the side stories. While I know this might annoy some, I think it will help cut down on confusion, since the side stories don’t all take place within the timeline.

Thank you for putting up with the upcoming changes and the weird way my brain works.

Who’s ready for February?!


Why am I so excited about February, especially when it starts on a Monday. Yuck. Well, not long ago, I mentioned that I was ridiculously ahead of the release schedule. I work 5-7 days a week (leaning more toward 7) and average a page a day. In two months, I’d be scheduled well into fall if not winter. That’s crazy.
So, since I am so far ahead, I decided to make a little change to the release schedule…. you ready for this? Starting February 1st…

Life As Rendered will release on
a 3 pages/week schedule!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

This is actually an idea I’ve been toying with for a few weeks now. Hitting the full 5 months ahead mark and a conversation with a fan finally spurred me into action. I really hope everyone is as excited about this as I am.

We have a new look!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting up with the site when things broke. I’m sorry I didn’t notice it sooner, but the new site is up and working! (at least I haven’t found anything broken yet) I’ll be working over the weekend to get the cast page up and replace some graphics that were just carried over.

Please let me know if you stumble across something broken. I appreciate any help.

Why am I in this hand basket?!

Ha! Just kidding. We’re not going to hell, but I feel that dramatic right now.

After a long writing session with Blue a few days ago, I was left feeling like Life As Rendered was going to be over so soon. I couldn’t believe that this story that had so much detail in my head wasn’t going to last that long. Then, after coloring the last of my sketched pages, I started writing my detailed notes taking the story through the end of Act 3. If my page count moving through the story line is right, it’s gonna be end of July 2016 before we get to the end of Act 2. Holy shit! So much happens!! Act 3 and the two side stories planned at the end of each act take us out to around April 2017.

That only takes us to the halfway point of Part 1 of the story. (It’s a 3-parter, by the way.) Take a moment to absorb that. I’m flabbergasted.

New Comic Series

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Fur Affinity, you’ll have already seen two comics I did featuring Kamen Riders from various series. I did the first one for my husband. He shared it with the guys in a Super Sentai/Kamen Rider FB group he’s in. The response from the first comic was so huge that I was inspired to draw a second one. Again, the response was insane (at least for a barely-known, furry artist) and I want to keep it up.

What does this mean for Life As Rendered and KittyRedden.com? Well, if you’ve poked around, you might have noticed that the Archive page has headers for both Life as Rendered and Adventures in Dan and I’m sure you’ve wondered what the heck is up with that. Well, we’re not there yet. It’s kinda sorta part of the storyline, but it’s not. You’ll get it when we get there and I hope you love it.

Back to the Kamen Rider comics. As I said, these one-page comics have officially become a thing. I’m currently working on a third page with promises from several people to send ideas my way if I start to draw a blank. I hope to make at least one page per month, maybe two. We’ll see. It won’t all be Kamen Rider, I plan to hit on Super Sentai (Power Rangers), Sailor Moon, and maybe some other superhero anime as ideas crop up. This series, Touch My Henshin, will appear here as I finish them and will not affect the release schedule of Life As Rendered.

The only other change you’ll see is that I’m going to add titles to the pages, so all the current pages will have “Life As Rendered” added to them. Basically, if you decide to go back through the story and you find missing pages over the next few days, have no fear, it will be back up in a matter of minutes.

Thanks for reading. Stay awesome!

Updates coming!

I have seriously been neglecting this site. I didn’t see the bugs, though to be fair, they didn’t show up until I started posting content.

Anyway, you might have noticed that everything went all hinky over the weekend and the site was down for a bit. I was migrating everything so that kittyredden.com would become my main domain. I had another domain for ten years, but stopped using it ages ago. It seemed silly to keep paying for a domain I didn’t use. I just couldn’t bring myself to give it up. So, I moved stuff… and broke stuff, but we’re back up!

Now I come to the point. There are things I don’t like about the site. I’ve recently designed two beautiful sites for two of my friends that put this one to shame, so a new, prettier layout is on the way!

Also, sorry I haven’t been posting updates. I kinda forget this section of the site is here.


And we’re live!

I’m so excited to see one of my biggest dreams, my very own comic, finally go live! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoy writing it.