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What do you use to draw your comic?
Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Wacom Intus Draw, and Photoshop Creative Cloud.

Do you do commissions?
Yes. A full-color commission with background (optional) is $40. Additional characters are $20 each. I accept payments through paypal. If you are interested, send me an email, or hit me up on any of my social media sites linked in the sidebar to the right.

Life As Rendered

How long will this storyline run?
As of right now, I have the storyline planned out to take us through 2017, putting us at 1/3 of the way through part 1 of the story. This story will probably go on for another eight years or so, depending on how it evolves over time.

How do you say the names of the cities/continents and where are they located?
Forgive me for not using normal pronunciation marks, but I figured it would be easier known words to help convey the pronunciation.

  • Reicterra– /rick-teh-rah/ – The therian continent. While it is considered the “new world”, it actually has been inhabited the longest of both continents and all the islands and the elves chose to leave when the therians showed up.
  • Recentas– /ree-sin-tah-s/ – A large, southern port city on Recentas.
  • Borea– /boar-ee-ah/ – A city in the north of Recentas.
  • Paello Isle– /pay-low Eye-l/ – Island about a week’s journey by boat from the coast of Anctus, three weeks journey from the coast of Reicterra.
  • Hippurus– /hip-por-us/ – Otter village. The only settlement on Paello Isle.
  • Anctus– /ank-tuhs/ – The elf continent. Considered “the old world” because of the much simpler way the inhabitants live. Anctus is a mostly untaimed continent with only a handful of elven settlements.
  • Nix Velox– /nicks veh-locks/ The arctic village on the north of Anctus, where Jaska is from.
  • Vinea– /vin-ee-ah/ – The village settlement on the edge of the largest forest on Anctus, located in the middle of the continent, where Catlin is from. The village was originally located in the trees of the forest.
  • Rohe Korine– /row core-een/ – The largest port town on the eastern side of Anctus. This is the village where Catlin and Jaska were held until a ship arrived that would take them to Paello Isle.
  • Arvaum– /ahr-vay-um/ – Town in the western part of Anctus. No other information given.
  • Vasitas– /vahsee-tahs/ – Town in the western part of Anctus. No other information given.