I came up with the idea for Adventures in Dan about 8 years ago after a conversation led to me drawing a picture of a sperm in a superhero cape. Don’t ask. Anyway, Adventures in Dan follows the “lives” of three sperm, Danny, Daniel and Danielle. Why the same 3 sperm? Because let’s be honest, with billions upon billions of possible combinations for human DNA, you’re bound to have a few repeats, so why not?

I’d originally planned to incorporate Adventures in Dan into Life As Rendered as an occasionally run across comic book, but I gave up on the idea of even drawing the series. Then I got bored last night and hey! Issue one! I’ll post once a week, so long as the ideas strike me. Currently, I have 6 more ideas waiting in the wings, hopefully with many more to come.

I posted to all my social media last night but decided that like Touch My Henshin, I would host Adventures in Dan here as well.

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