Jaska Render

Jaska (23) is the eldest of three boys. He is from Nix Velox, a fishing village in the arctic region on Anctus. He is a hunter by trade. He was born with the ability to possess animals around him. In an act of selflessness, the power backfired, altering him from an elf to a therian wolf.


Catlin Render

Catlin (19) is the fourth of seven children to a merchant in Vinea. Her father did well for himself and their family was able to find their way into high society. Upon finding Jaska, recently transformed, Catlin defended him from execution. Her pleas did not fall on deaf ears, but people were too scared. Though Jaska’s life was spared, they were both exiled from the continent and left to fend for themselves on the island of Paello Isle. Now she’s trying to fit into a world filled with people she was taught to fear and hate. Winnie and Arthur have been a calming presence for her, and a daily reminder that Elves and Therians can live side-by-side.


Presley Jameson

Presley (26) is Jaska’s roomate. A junior lawyer working with Arthur, he aims to be a fair and prolific attorney. Presley is romantically involved with Summer, and seems to be the only one who can remind her of what is and isn’t permissable by societal standards. He has a rare ability to leave his work at the door and doesn’t have a hard time relaxing when he’s not with a client.


Winnie Richards

Winnie (24) is Catlin’s roomate. Working as a librarian is her passion; being a guardian of knowledge has always been her dream. Normally reserved and conservative, Winnie has started exploring a romantic and sexual relationship. But who’s the mystery man?


Summer May

Summer (25) is Presley’s girlfriend. Raised by well-off parents she never wanted for anything, though she never wanted much. Summer loves life and lives to feel alive. Presley keeps her grounded in reality, if only just. She wears her sexuality on her sleeve (or would if she wore them) and finds humor in people who are afraid of it. Jaska and Catlin, from very traditional societies, serve as persistent sources of amusement as the faintest flash of skin or fur makes them nervous. While some might see her sexuality as a wild and uncontrollable force, she reserves the more intimate aspects of her nature for Presley and Presley alone. With Presley, she is the very definition of “lover”. When she’s not prancing around naked as the day she was born, she serves society as a teacher at Fifth District Elementary School. She behaves herself around students, but she’s been known to tease her fellow instructors.


Arthur Reid

Arthur (26) works with Presley at the law office downtown. All his life nepotism has worked in his favor, but he hopes to find his fortune on his own to show that his father’s money didn’t buy him his future. Well-read, attractive, and wielding some amount of power, Arthur is well on his way to having the life he always felt he deserved. He tries to always be kind to others, but will be more kind to someone worth impressing.


Tonya Sullivan

Tonya (24) works at the university library with Winnie as an accountant. An alpha female in her own right, she doesn’t allow people to waste her time, nor will she tolerate anything that would tarnish the name she’s been carefully cultivating in her finance career. While humor isn’t lost on her, if there are things that need doing then she can’t tolerate any frivolity.


Jake Dempsey

Jake (29) works at the Fifth District Elementary School with Summer. He is one of the kindergarten teachers. Catlin used to work as his assistant until she was overwhelmed by the children. Despite his desire to influence policies in his district as a future Superintendant, he has a bit more growing up to do first.



Hugo (27) works at the docks with Jaska. Hugo tends to keep his head down around his bosses but endears himself with his peers with his down-to-earth personality. Hugo’s aims are more humble than they could be, but he finds contentment in what he does. A simple life is all that he’s ever asked for, which wasn’t hard for him to find in Recentas.