Quick update

Sorry, I ghosted on the art front, but it’s not like I haven’t been working, I promise. Brian and I have been busy writing SOL every second we’re not working our real-life jobs. We’re five chapters in on the detailed timeline, with a very very vague timeline that takes it all the way to the end. SOL’s story line will be 100% planned out, unlike LAR which only had a vague direction that changed way more than I care to admit.

I will warn you that LAR is coming down. (AID/THM too). I’ve tried a million ways to move it to a subdomain so it’s separate from SOLand it’s just not working, so I found a “fix”, but it involves completely wiping my back-end image gallery and starting over. I’ll lose any comments, but I might C&P them along with the descriptions which have patron recognition.

I’m also trying to find a better way to share the pages than using ComicPress/ComicEasel, which is no longer being developed and is a bitch to code around.

Finally, I totally forgot to include what happens to Winnie in my write up. Are you interested in hearing about it?