I have a new found energy for working on the comic, with big (good) changes coming to the storyline. Unfortunately, I’m down to basically one day a week that I have to work on the comic. I tend to work until 7pm most nights and after an hour’s drive home, all I want to do is sleep. Out of my two days off a week, one is spent doing errands I can’t do during the week and the other is Sunday, the only day I have to sit down and work.

So I’m putting it to you guys. Would you rather I stayed on hiatus, worked up a backlog of comics, then went to a once a week release schedule, or do you want me to go ahead and release what I have once a week, till I’m out of pages, then switch to a “whenever I finish a page” posting schedule?

Both have their merits. Staying on hiatus means I build up that backlog and you guys have a consistent release schedule to follow. It would mean staying on hiatus until I had at least two months backlogged. Releasing content now means I come back from hiatus sooner, but it means there’s a possibility that releases can become infrequent on weeks where I’m too busy to work.

Please let me know what you think. Your opinions are very important to me.