Who’s ready for Spring Break!

Spring break officially starts in the Redden house today at 12:26 pm PST. What does that mean (besides six and a half days worth of “Mooooooom, I’m booooooored” from my monsters)? Well, Life As Rendered is taking a little break. We will be back to our regular posting schedule on April 4th. This break coincides with a break from all the drama with Winnie and when we come back, I will have fresh, juicy, new dramas for you.

Now, what will I be doing with this little break? I will be frantically working on the upcoming side story. I’m sure that made no sense to a rational mind. Let me explain. For the past month, I’ve been super stressed out because my doctor, pharmacy and I have been fighting my insurance to get them to cover one of my prescriptions. Because I’m stressing about that, I’m stressing about everything! This includes the comic and despite being three months ahead of you guys, I feel like I’m running out of time between the current page and the end of my scheduled pages. I just can’t get my brain to understand the time gap between them. So, I’m giving myself a little breather. I’m taking the nine and a half days of spring break to hammer out nine remaining pages of the side story so I can tell my brain to STFU. I will still be posting warm-ups every day and maybe a spoiler or two for my patrons. (o.~)

With that explained, I have a few other scheduled breaks coming up that I’ll go ahead and tell you about. On June 2nd, I will be attending the Reason Rally 2016 in Washington DC with my sister-in-law and I won’t be able to post the comic while I’m gone. While I schedule posts in advance on the website, but I can’t on several of my social media sites and it’s not fair that they would have to wait. Same goes for August 11th-16th, when Blue and I will be attending Power Morphicon 5. I will post reminders about this before I leave.

In addition to the breaks for my upcoming trips, I’m gonna start adding little breaks between the end of acts and the side stories. While I know this might annoy some, I think it will help cut down on confusion, since the side stories don’t all take place within the timeline.

Thank you for putting up with the upcoming changes and the weird way my brain works.